The Logo:

The Thomas Point Shoal Light is an historic lighthouse of the northern Chesapeake bay, and was chosen because its iconic depiction is always shown with rip rap, or the big rocks surrounding waterfront buildings to prevent erosion . 

The Brewery:

Rip Rap Brewing Co is the brainchild of 'Liam Bell and Ben Mcelroy. The two met at the Coast Guard Academy and were both stationed on the same cutter after graduating. After departing the ship, they picked up homebrewing beer as a hobby that quickly spun out of control. While the first batch they made was certainly not the best they had ever tasted, it was enough to have them hooked. They quickly moved to all-grain brewing and fabricating a three tier, gravity fed system in Ben's garage. Their focus then turned to going pro and brewing on a commercial level. Rip Rap Brewing was born.